Our Process

The best lessons are learnt from someone who's been there before The best lessons are learnt from someone who's been there before

Every good decision follows a deliberate process and framework

There is great value in a great decision.

Our S7 FrameworkWe use our proprietary S7 Strategy Framework to make sure;

  1. we first understand your situation, then
  2. understand how you got there, and
  3. where you want to go now

This means we don't miss the important small stuff, while we’re also looking at the big picture.

Why do we have a Strategy Framework?

Simple. This ensures we gather all the pieces to your story first, before we even start thinking about whats possible.

The process is deliberately similar to an airline pilot completing their formal pre-flight checklist prior to takeoff.

Our experience has been, the best solution to a problem depends on the best start to its diagnose.

Getting good at good decisions

Good judgment is hard to define and harder still to acquire. Certainly, some part of good judgment seems to be innate: connected with having a balanced character and understanding of people. But we believe that 'good decisions' can be improved with practice and using a framework to achieve clarity on the strategy.

By using a strategy framework, you increase the chance of challenging others current thinking and therefore learning something new

Yes we said 'challenge'. If your financial adviser is not stretching your thinking, challenging your default attitudes and helping you achieve something bigger,  then maybe you need to be working with a more experienced adviser like Sapience.

The problem of managing complexity

While growing wealth can add numbers to your bank account, it can also add complexity to your financial and emotional life.

Our process framework

Some people can work through the framework quickly in a single conversation. Others may like to take a few weeks. Regardless of how you like to make financial decisions, we can help manage the process for you.

  • You make the decisions, we'll bring them to life.

The philosophy behind our framework

Many time poor people take a DIY approach to their important financial decisions without understanding the runaway impact if they get it wrong. It's a bit like going to a public lecture on brain surgery, going home with a bread knife and trying to remember where to make the incision. Don't make key decisions without our insights.

Sapience is all about the bigger conversations between real people

What you get from talking with a real-life person is not a conceptual framework or academic theory, but an experienced point of view integrated into a personality. Our philosophy is based on the belief that:

  • Successful people deliberately protect and provide for themselves and those they love and are responsible for. They understand the better they do, the better people around them do as well.

The most common frustrations many people have with financial advice is based on three recurring problems.

  • Not knowing what's possible
  • Not knowing what's practical, and
  • Not recognising the practical sequence of steps about deciding what to do first.

We specialise in helping answer those 3 core questions for our clients. Simply put, we're professional problem solvers.

Our S7 Framework leverages 7 core steps

Every good decision follows a deliberate process and carefully managed framework. Put our expertise to your benifit.

If you'd like to know more about our S7 Framework and approach to working with complex situations, contact us here for a confidential chat to see if we can help you.
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