Modern Estate Planning

Modern Estate Planning

Modern Estate PlanningModern Estate Planning looks after you and your family today, tomorrow and later.

Sapience provides an individualised estate planning service for our clients. Estate planning is just part of a families plan to protect and provide for those they love and those they're responsible for.

We call it The Ultimate Plan B.

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  • We regularly see people attempting a DIY approach to possibly the most important protection and provision strategy for their families that ends up simply creating more uncertainty and frustration.
  • To begin to try and create an estate plan without first considering who you're protecting and the potential risks ahead never delivers the peace of mind that we all want.
  • To help you begin your thinking about this very important part of your life (and business), we've written a consumer education guide that identifies the 7 myths about estate planning and what you can do to help protect your family and business.

Our estate planning service is called Finally Sorted and our helpful fun explainer video below will help explain where this service fits into your bigger financial life.

Watch our fun explainer video to learn the basics of modern estate planning.

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