Feeling guilty about deciding between paying down your mortgage or topping up your super? After all putting extra money into your mortgage means you can pay off your debt quicker and save interest, but putting extra money into super builds your retirement nest egg. Sounds like an impossible choice? Well, relax, you’re not alone. The Government's MoneySmart website has a decision calculator dedicated to this thorny issue to help people…
The hidden victims of our road toll We all read about the terrible road tolls that affect our modern life. Every day the same stark reality of yet another death on the roads tempts us to look away, forcing advertising agencies to use increasingly violent images to get our attention. But today with modern technologies and advances in trauma medicine, more people now survive car accidents. The cost of surviving can…
The Cinderella like tale of Munro v Munro and how a simple preventable mistake, broke the hearts of his two daughters To really understand this real-life story, to need to understand two simple legal facts about self-managed super funds: The trustee of an SMSF has discretion who to give the balance of your SMSF account to when you pass away. To remove this discretion and ‘bind the decision of the…
Who's your super beneficiary? With superannuation now becoming a compulsory part of life, many people soon have significant amounts in their super growing at 9.5% per year - the minimum compulsory amount all employers are required to withhold from your income and deposit into your super account, for your retirement. In reality, if you passed away today, the value of your super account could be significantly higher because of a…
Are you still living up to your parent's expectations towards your own money? Below are four questions we ask our clients to help them consider could their adult relationship with money today, be unconsciously influenced by their parent's money attitudes from childhood?
How do you feel about having money? It's not something many people stop and consider—but there’s definitely patterns connected with personal poverty and financial chaos.
Diabetes in Australia is our fastest growing chronic condition. Each day 280 Australians develop this disease. 56% are males 44% are females The onset of Type 1 Diabetes mellitus (T1DM) occurs most frequently in people under 30 years, however, new research suggests almost half of all people who develop the condition are diagnosed over the age of 30.
The long-term effect of grief over the loss of a family member. A recent report about Millennials and Generation X’ers who lost a parent while growing up confirmed what most people already suspected - the impact of the loss lasts a lifetime.  A third of those surveyed said, ‘I've never really gotten over my loss’.
Does a child in a blended family lose their inheritance if their parent dies? A Contractual Will Agreement might provide the answer to this difficult question. Many blended Australian families wanting greater certainty in their estate planning choose to make a mirror Will with their spouse - effectively leaving everything to each other.
Get clear on what's at stake when you borrow with others Understanding 'joint and severally liability loans' and what it means for you. You might think when you take out a joint mortgage with someone else you’re only responsible for your ‘half’ or share of the loan. Think again because this is not the case. By signing a mortgage contract with someone else, you’re each agreeing to pay off the…

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