Financial life skills are always in high demand We took 31 Key Financial lessons and brought them together in a free eGuide to help you become more life confident in just 31 days.
If you have kids, you need to name a Guardian for them as part of your Will — this is how you do it. How to choose a Guardian for your children Getting your Will in place probably feels a lot like flossing — it's uncomfortable work for no current obvious result — we know we should do it but we either put it off or fall into the bad…
How to budget like a Badass (Psst: It's not the amount, it’s the percentage that counts). When it comes to the financial foundation that makes everything in life possible, the two numbers you must know are; how much income you take home each month, and how much are you spending each month.
Matters of the wallet can be just as important as matters of the heart
How can you give money to the kids and keep them safe? One of the questions we’re often asked is about how to best help family and friends with money? Parents often talk about wanting to be part of the solution but at the same time not becoming part of the problem.
30 Business owners speak out about the importance of talking more about money with children   In 2016 I surveyed over 300 small business owners in Australian about what were the conversions about money they wish they’d had with their parents — but didn't.
Managing the emotional cost of big financial decisions When I was a child, if I was good my Aunt would give me half a Mars Bar (the original 54 grams chocolate and caramel nougat snack that promised ‘Pleasure you can't measure’). If I was still good a month later, I’d get the other (slightly dehydrated) half. Even today, the thought of eating an entire Mars Bar myself, makes me feel…
The very Australian problem of underinsurance When a 'she'll be right' attitude puts your family at risk You don’t have to look far to find a story in the media about Australia’s underinsurance problem.  It seems every bushfire season the same media reports another near identical tragedy of families losing everything and being underinsured or worse, not insured at all.
Estate Planning Quick Tips What can be written in a Letter of Wishes? A Letter of Wishes is part of your family backup plan documents and its purpose is to provide general guidance to the Executor or Trustee of a person’s estate following their death.

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