Our Philosophy

Wanting to Protect and Provide - it's what makes us truly human - and it affects how we feel about ourselves and how we see the world. Wanting to Protect and Provide - it's what makes us truly human - and it affects how we feel about ourselves and how we see the world.

Life should always be about something bigger than money.


For over 20+ years working in specialty risk advice, at our core, we have always believed Secure People live Bigger lives.

Secure people live bigger lives Drew Browne

At Sapience Financial, everything we do is about equipping people to become better Protectors and Providers for their loved ones and their businesses. We believe this very human instinct is one of humanity's most admirable traits.

Our Frustration

The Australian financial services industry has made the simple act of getting good advice - to better understand and manage your financial life - too complicated and hard to access.

Government policymakers and lobbyists for Big Banks and Super Funds push to make financial advice an elitist luxury, rather than a recognised necessity for all Australians, regardless of their current economic circumstances.

Today's average Australian faces a host of obstacles just finding someone to talk with about their financial life.

  • The Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry identified entrenched predatory behaviours in Big Banking and Big Super.
  • Our education institutions continue to fall further behind on teaching people how to understand the basics of living and working with money and credit.
  • Every day more people report feeling ill-equipped to successfully navigate their ever-changing world of finance and credit and many fall prey to the unpredictable key risks of life.
  • In today's ever-changing world, the traditional approach to financial advice has created financial advisers who are wonderfully equipped to deal with a world - that no longer exists.

Is it any wonder average Australian families complain good advice is - ‘too complicated and hard to access’ and frustrates those who want their families and their futures, to be different from that of a passive consumer?

Our key difference

We believe our products and services are also a portal to a better self and a better world.

We want our clients to think bigger about who they are and what they have to offer the world.Drew Browne

Our Focus

At Sapience Financial, everything we do is about equipping you to better Protect, Plan and Provide

We all have a natural urge to Protect and Provide for the people and things most important to us.

  • Protecting is about managing life's external threats and opportunities.
  • Planning is about good timing, direction, and understanding what's needed to get where you're going
  • Providing is about meeting people's internal needs, growth and betterment so they too can become the best person they can be and live their best life.

And this very human instinct to Protect and Provide is one of humanity's most admirable traits.

  • It's in all of us - instinctive, immediate, strangely intuitive and often unconscious.

We believe the better we protect the people we love and provide for those who are most important to us - the better life will become.

Our Purpose

We recognise our skill at serving the human instinct to Protect, Plan and Provide better.

Today, the world we help you protect is changing faster than ever.

And it can also be unpredictable.

  • It seems like just yesterday you were in school and today you're getting married, tomorrow you have a family and regardless of whether you run a business - there's a constant pull on your time and focus.
  • Without good professional advice from someone who's been there already, without someone standing in your corner looking out for you, you can find yourself unprepared for the twists and turns in family life and business life.
At Sapience Financial, we specialise in reducing the key risks to your life, your family and your business. This allows us to focus on what we do best - supporting people to be the best Protectors and Providers they can be.
If you'd like to know more about our Philosophy and how to help you better protect and provide, contact us here for a confidential chat to see if we are the type of people you would like to work with.

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