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The Story behind our Name and Logo (the background info for those folk who like detail)

The word sapience is derived from Old French and the Latin Sapientia, meaning 'wisdom' and its older English definition has come to be known as 'great wisdom and insights, often from unusual places'.

Sapience: adjective pronounced [sey-pee-uhns] from the verb sapēre; meaning wisdom from unusual places

Understanding our guiding Philosophy and inspiration behind our brand Logo

wisdom knott outlineIn looking for a way to identify both our professional ability and our unique personal insights to create unique solutions for people, we found ourselves inspired by the traditional tribal cultures and their view of wisdom as a 'tradable resource and commodity' that elevated the holder above the average person.

  • The Nyansapo or Wisdom Knot is a traditional Adinkra Symbol of West Africa for wisdom, ingenuity, intelligence, and learning, and experience developed into a niche expertise 'with an ability to apply such faculties to practical ends'.
  • Over time, this rope knot design became known as the square knot and was later adopted by the worldwide Scouting Movement, (its own origins extend from its founder's experience in Africa) as the Reef Knot - one of their key symbols representing the 'be prepared for anything' approach to living.

sapience wisdom knott wireframeAnd for the mathematically oriented reader, the mathematical version of the Reef Knot can be found here at Square Knot (mathematics).

Wisdom and Knowledge — and the wisdom to know the difference

The exchanging of wisdom for value is not new but the way it occurs today doesn't always connect to the ancient traditions of sharing knowledge and useful information for the betterment of others.

  • Today ubiquitous search algorithms may deliver information at your fingertips but like trying to drink from a firehose, the sheer volume of information available usually creates more reasons to feel confused and fall victim to 'paralysis through analysis'.

Today's sheer volume of information to wade through creates overwhelm

icon watch vidoeToday, wisdom has been replaced by knowledge of shortcuts, data points, and search engine queries (and the ubiquitous Wikipedia). 

But we like to think, the difference between wisdom and knowledge is more straightforward — you can have knowledge without wisdom, but you can't have it the other way around. Put another way, knowledge is understanding, 'that a tomato is indeed a fruit' — wisdom is knowing, 'and it does not belong in a fruit salad'.

Have you ever felt stuck in information overload?

Many people today fueled by good intentions and readiness to move ahead in life decisions, also feel trapped into inaction due to the sheer complexity and volume of information surrounding them, their families, and their businesses.

So, we've developed a set of frameworks to help connect you from where you are now to where you want to go.

We call it The S7 Framework and it's purposefully designed to help people better understand and manage the problem of financial complexity in their lives.

How we can help

At Sapience Financial, we specialise in supporting people like you to live their best financial lives by helping to identify and reduce the key risks to life, love and business.

Contact us for a confidential chat about your needs.

Get Prepared for Business

Protect your Small Business (and the Family who supports it) from the statical realities of Life, Love and Business we all face.

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