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Sharps injury insurance for Medical Professionals (and other emergency service professionals)

Our Medical Professionals and Emergency Service Workers are on the front line protecting our community face increased risks – just for doing their job.

Bloodborne Disease Insurance can compensate you and your family if you contract HIV, Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C due to an accident while working in your regular occupation

Hospitals, surgeries, clinics, and accident sites are often high-pressure, fast-paced environments where Needlestick and Sharps Injuries to medical professionals occur all too frequently.

  • A needlestick or sharps injury can have a devastating impact on your personal life and your long-term income earning capacity

Many medical professionals are often highly paid and highly leveraged, so they need a comprehensive insurance strategy to safeguard what they have worked hard to achieve.

Do you have your own bloodborne disease insurance in place?

Often the main reason medical professionals don't have personal blood bourn disease insurance in place is due to its complexity. It also takes time and expertise to begin to understand how a bloodborne disease (BBD) can have a longer-term damaging effect on both your health and your ability to continue to earn an income.

Pro Tip: Remember that each professional association and governing body may have additional reporting and special requirements that have to be followed after suffering a sharps injury (or blood spatter event) that can have wide-ranging effects on your career with unintended significant financial impacts.

Our background is in emergency services so we have a profound understanding of the statistical realities that many medical and emergency professionals face and can help you protect yourself, your family (and even your business partners) from the financial consequences of work-related injuries.

The solution for busy and remote Medical Professionals

We often work with remote and time-poor medical professionals so we have developed a time-flexible face-to-face, phone to phone or online-only solution to enable us to fit into your busy life and we provide absolute confidentiality when needed too.

  • Australian nurses and healthcare workers suffer an estimated 18,000 needlestick injuries a year*
Bloodborne disease insurance cover can provide a lump-sum usually between $50,000 and $1 million for medical professionals (dentists, doctors, nurses and paramedics) and other at-risk occupations (such as police and pathologists) if they suffer a work place exposure to HIV, Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C.

This type of protective strategy can be put in place alongside a typical life insurance policy and can also cover bone dust and blood splatter injuries.

Managing the emotional risks

Occupationally contracting HIV or Hepatitis B or C can cause emotional significant distress and career consequences that, in turn, can create financial anxieties for you and for those who depend on you.

Such stresses may have a real impact on your ability to keep working in order to provide for your family and/or run your business. Confidentiality concerns may further complicate the issue while professional body memberships and requirements may trigger consequences not previously envisaged.

Managing the financial risks

For medical professionals, a work-related injury could mean a long illness and or particular restrictions on the types of duties you can continue to perform at work. Some specialists can even be prevented from working in their chosen field.

All of these events can have devastating effects on your personal financial situation that could rapidly turn a comfortable financial position into a desperate one.

  • We have a powerful supportive solution for this problem

Would like to know more about how this type of specialty insurance can help you or your colleagues today?

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How we can help

Sharps injury insurance for Medical Professionals and Emergency Services personnel insurance is an important part of protecting you and your family, from a significant risk that can change your income earning capacity and your mental health.

Contact us for a confidential chat about your needs.

(* CL. Murphy, RN, PhD, CICP, CIC Improved surveillance and mandated the use of sharps with engineering sharp injury protection: A National call to action. [Healthcare Infection 2008].)

author pic drew browneDrew Browne is a specialty Financial Risk Advisor working with Small Business Owners & their Families, Dual Income Professional Couples, and diverse families. He's an award-winning writer, speaker, financial adviser and business strategy mentor. His business Sapience Financial Group is committed to using business solutions for good in the community. In 2015 he was certified as a B Corp., and in 2017 was recognised in the inaugural Australian National Businesses of Tomorrow Awards. Today he advises Small Business Owners and their families, on how to protect themselves, from their businesses.  He writes for successful Small Business Owners and Industry publications. You can read his Modern Small Business Leadership Blog here. You can connect with him on LinkedIn Any information provided is general advice only and we have not considered your personal circumstances. Before making any decision on the basis of this advice you should consider if the advice is appropriate for you based on your particular circumstance.

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