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The Cost to Care

How do you make an informed health decision if you don't have the right health information?

This is the tough question thousands of Australian’s are suddenly forced to answer when they, their child or a member of their extended family is suddenly faced with the reality of a serious medical condition or injury - and the enormity of the out of pocket expenses it can bring.

The problem of living in a 'Lucky Country'

Australia – as the saying goes – is a ‘lucky country’.

Our standard of living, our climate, and our health care and social security systems are often enviable when compared with international comparisons.

That's meant that for many of us, the ‘she’ll be right’ approach to life in Australia has left us exposed to the harsh realities that life doesn't always work out the way we expect.

Living a long and healthy life can become surprisingly expensive.
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In 2019 new NSW Tenancy Laws supporting victims of domestic violence living in a rented property came into effect.

If you live in rented accommodation and have been affected by domestic and family violence, you need to know there are new Tenancy Laws to help protect the victims of domestic violence.

These new laws have implications for property managers, property renters and investment property owners alike.

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Sometimes we could all feel better with a second opinion

New Medical Second Opinion Service now available

Sapience is pleased to be able to announce we've now secured access to an International Medical Second Opinion Service for our specialist clients.

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Children get sick—that’s a difficult part of life for every family.

But every now and then a child can get really sick and suffer a significant trauma or illness that affects the entire family.

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