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Here's a collection of short blog articles for small business from the Smallville Business Community

A great collection of helpful quick read fast result articles from premium small business owners, leaders and advisors.

Business Capacity Statement template

Download a free word template

Supply chain risk is a known and manageable business risk. Your capacity statement helps demonstrate you're appropriately managing that risk.

When you're dealing with larger companies or engaging with Governments contracts, supply chain risk is at the front of their considerations.

Nobody wants to commit long term funds and contacts to a business that cannot demonstrate they’ve taken a commercial approach to the predictable risks and requirements of a good business.

Sample business records - Keyperson insurance for revenue purpose

Key business decisions need to be documented.

Keyperson protection and insurance strategies have different tax treatment depending on a number of factors including the intent of the insurance cover

  • If you have Key person insurance in place but haven't properly documented the reason for the cover, you may not get favourable tax treatment on its premiums or its payout.

If your current adviser hasn't carefully explained this, maybe you need to be working with an adviser like Sapience who helps you manage these important details better.

Download a sample company minutes form.

Business People Protection Information Guide

Most Australian small to medium businesses are family run.

Partnerships are usually run by friends and colleagues that have very specific risks that need safeguarding — so the business risks don't become family risks.

Our Business People Protection Guide acknowledges the additional risk protection needs of a small business and the family that support it. We believe protecting your business is part of protecting your family.

The Ultimate Plan B !
The 7 Myths about modern estate planning

Estate planning is about protecting you and your loved ones today, tomorrow and later on.

Our Australian Consumer Guide to 7 Myths About Modern Estate Planning will help you prepare for a meeting with our Senior Estate Adviser (or just give you some powerful insights to share at your next BBQ with friends).

Discussion Starter worksheet - Transferring or Retaining risks

Here's one of our popular discussion worksheets

We all have risks in life and business to mange. But young families and businesses are often their most vunerable in the early years and need additional protection and support until the have sufficient assets and emergency savings behind them.

When they begin using mortgages or private funding to accelerate their growth, shareholders need protection for their funding.

This worksheet is a conversation starters about how to begin your thinking about these important issues before speaking with your financial adviser.

Sapience Lego Ute instruction sheet

Having problems with your Sapience Lego Ute build (and don't want to ask the kids for help again)

Relax - Download the Sapience Lego car instructions or watch the 10-second video below.

Introducing Sapience Financial and Investment Services

If you find financial decisions difficult to make, perhaps you've been talking with too many people.

We've been working with Australian Small Business owners and families for over 18 years and believe that we all benefit from a Clearer Look at The Bigger Picture.

Our web friendly brochure is a great way to start to get to know us and whether we're you're kind of people.

Developing a commercialised product

Here's one of our client discussion worksheets

Small businesses usually develop products and services that solve the meaningful problems of their market. As we move further into the digital age the productisation of services is becoming an increasingly interested frontline. If you're in this business space you may find this conversation starter helpful.

This worksheet is a conversation starters about how to begin your thinking about this process.

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