Small Business Risk Protection

Small Business Risk Protection

Small Business Risk ProtectionWe Small Business

For many small business owners, their company is often a reflection of themselves.

It’s personal – and we like it that way. After all, people choose to do business with people.

When it comes to understanding another small business, its motivations, its risks and it's potential in the world, only another small business can really appreciate that.

Behind every successful, small to medium sized business is usually a family, a set of friends and a burning drive for, flexibility, freedom and the chance to create your own future. This unusual set of freedoms also brings with it an unusual set of decisions to make and risks to manage.

We can help you manage the risks.

  • Some business owners think of insurance as a frustration, a form of tax or just an expensive necessity to be kept at a minimum. It isn't.
  • It is the essential key to managing the normal risks of life and business. It's the cost of being able to stay in the game and to make sure you're positioned to thrive and to win.

Are you working on the business or working in the business?

Helping you clearly understand the key risks to your business (and your family) is a big part of what we do at Sapience.

The core vulnerability for a small business is their reliance upon their owner and potentially their key person

We believe managing your risks is really the foundation for all good business activity and a natural part of protecting your family.

  • When a business better manages its risks, it stabilises its long-term viability by protecting its owners, the partners and the families that support it.
  • For businesses with shareholders, investors or loan guarantors, there are an additional set of risks that need to be managed too.
The key risk indicator for families and family-run businesses is High activity with Low Strategy

Protecting what you cannot afford to lose

For the majority of small business owners, the majority of their wealth is tied up in their business. It’s the machine that provides the family cash flow (and compensates them for the long hours, demands and interruptions to family time) that only business owners with children understand.

Eventually we all want to stop working and enjoy the next phase in our lives – whatever that is – so the ability to continue to make good returns over time and maybe later sell a small business for a profit (perhaps get it ready for a formal exit or a transfer to someone else) all takes time and stability.

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Start today

So regardless of where your small business in its growth cycle; from a start-up or a partnership to established, to growth through to a pivot, to running as a successful lifestyle business (and hopefully a profitable exit) we can help keep you stable while you focus on moving forward.

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Are you protecting your key business assets—like your debts?

Many business owners who don’t have debt protection insurance in place say they simply never knew they could insure their debts or never had a conversation with their accountant about 'how much the business really owed them and what they should do about it.

Are you protecting your key revenue makers?

Business owners will often tell you that the key to long term success is to employ the right people. Many small businesses often rely upon the skills and knowledge of just one or more key people for generating the bulk of its revenue.

Are you protecting your ongoing ownership of your business

Keeping hold of your money can be hard in business - but keeping hold of the ownership of your company can be harder.

Many business owners don’t know they can insure the cost of their ongoing fixed business expenses, in case they become sick or injured and unable to work.

This can be a better solution than trying to pay your fixed recurring business costs from your own Income Protection benefit if you've become sick or injured and unable to work.