Mens health is a family issue

Mens health is real a family issue that can't be ignored Mens health is real a family issue that can't be ignored

Men's health, beers, cars & sex … there is so much more to men and their health

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You don't have to wait until you’re sick to see a Doctor

The fact that 1 in 2 Australian guys are diagnosed with cancer and 1 in 8 will experience depression in their lifetime highlights the importance of staying on top of your game when it comes to health.


We're all someone's partner, brother, father, uncle, boyfriend, protector and provider. No two guys are exactly the same; we all enjoy different things, have different outlooks, love someone different but our health needs are pretty similar.


We're kinda reluctant to discuss the health issues we face whether with our partner, family, mates or the Doctor.


Awareness, understanding, support and even funding for serious Men's Health stuff, misses out. So it has to change because Men's Health matters.

Tough Guys - it's a guy thing

Time for a laugh?

An experiment was conducted by filling a 150-seat theatre in Brussels, Belgium, with 148 of the most intimidating, mean and hulky looking bikers they could find and two seats were left empty dead centre of the theatre. For those who took those seats, Carlsberg beer rewarded their act of bravery, with applause, and of course, a fresh cold beer

Guys and Sports - it's a guy thing

Time for some hoonery? Check out a car race around the streets of San Francisco for 10 fast-paced minutes of pure adrenaline and hoonery. Oh yeah.

Testicular Cancer - yep, it's a guy thing

Time for some useful guy stuff. No one plays soccer like the English (ok there is room for an argument but ...) and who pushes the limits with good natured humour.
Here's a great 3 part video raising awareness of men's health and Testicular Cancer - and the unknown symptoms.

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