Key Person, Shareholder & Capital Protection

Key Person, Shareholder & Capital Protection

Key Person, Shareholder & Capital ProtectionAll businesses have an Owner, Founder, usually a Key Person and use Capital to help it all grow

In business, good ideas are simply never enough—you need to be able to implement them and fund their implementation.

But that’s often easier said than done.

Different businesses all have very different needs and unique strengths but the one common denominator to all of them is they all run on people and capital.

If you add to this the unique and ever changing environment of HR, compliance, locations, market access, government bureaucracy and economic uncertainty, is it any wonder business owners usually feel they've on an emotional and financial roller-coaster.

Protecting the People

Small to medium businesses (SME's) are essentially about people and processes.

Because all businesses are built upon and managed by people, they’re all exposed to the same people based risks.

Some of those risks are random; like work health and safety issues, supply chain reliability and security. Other risks are statistically more predictable (and therefore manageable) like unexpected death, extended disability, and critical illness.

It’s these statistically predictable risks that we work with so business owners, management teams and investors alike can reduce their exposure to their people based risks, protect their business and its shareholders from the risk to the capital borrowings and investment.

The statistical people based risks that will affect your SME
These known statistical people based risks will affect your SME

Protecting the Capital

Over the years we've seen many small to medium businesses establish themselves and grow successfully in a variety of economic conditions. We've also seen others that stalled for reasons sometimes only recognisable in hindsight.

What's common to all is the recognition that good ideas are never enough.

  • Customers need a product ecosystem and a business with a stable future to stand behind their product and service.
  • SME’s are usually heavily dependent upon an owner or a key person during the early years of the business.
  • Businesses need funding and access to capital (sometimes from the start up and initial development) usually at their first growth inhibitor around $750k.

Protecting your key workings assets

Capital Protect serviceProtect your key working assets

  • Protecting the capital from the known people risks is essential.
  • Protect the owner and their family from the known people risks.
  • Protect the revenue of the business from the known people risks.

How it works

A Keyperson or Shareholder Protection Strategy usually involves using an insurance policy to fund the financial side of the strategy.

Pro Tip: This is because an insurance policy usually pays out when a specified trigger event (eg: unexpected death, sickness or injury) occurs to the life insured - but is payable to the owner of the policy.

The policy owner can be the life insured, jointly held with partners or even payable to a separate business entity or trust altogether.

How we work

When it comes to protecting your Business Owners, Key persons, your Shareholders or your Capital, a one-size-fits-all approach never works.

Sapience has been providing handcrafted protection advice and strategy solutions to people and their businesses for over 20 years.

We believe secure people live bigger lives - and lead better businesses.Drew Browne Founder Sapience

Drawing upon a background in law and finance, you can profit from our depth of insight and expertise and keep your people and your capital safe.

CapitalProtect is the specialty capital protection service of Sapience Financial and Investment.

Contact us today here to see if we're the type of people you'd like to work with.

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