Not all types of investment property suit all investors

The #1 Rule of investing in property is to understand which ones are just not suitable for you The #1 Rule of investing in property is to understand which ones are just not suitable for you

Why not all types of investment property suit all types of investors

Understanding the different types of property could save you from a disaster

Investing is new to most people so it's worth taking the time to learn about some of the fundamentals.

Residential property can be seen as one of the many different types (or as they say, classes of investment assets) available in the investment space today.

Understanding this family structure of different investment types, is actually a very important first step in beginning to understand why comparing different types of investments is difficult - as they all perform differently at different times of the investment cycle.

Pro Tip: To make things more difficult, most real estate agents, property agents and investment property spruikers are not financial advisers and simply don't have the ability to discuss the performance of different asset class to help you see the bigger picture. That's why you should work with us.

Another way to say it nicely is: 'If all you sell is a hammer, you'll see everything as a nail'

We can advise you on all different classes of investment, including the asset class residential property.

When it comes to investing in residential property, (often referred to as direct property), there are a broad variety of types of property.

  • Each of those types may also perform differently at different times in the property cycle, and therefore are difficult to compare without a detailed conversation about your interests, needs and expectations.
  • For example, a serviced apartment may perform differently than a typical house and land package in the traditional suburbs.

It's a big subject and we've been helping our clients learn about it and step into the property market from a more informed position.

Below is a summary of different types of property.

  • Remember each different type of residential investment property can have a very different effect on your investment plans, so it pays to know the differences and your options.

Investing in property is a complex process with many issues not suiting everyone. Don't risk what you cannot afford to lose. Get some professional advice before going down that road. 

If you're ready to start investing in direct property or perhaps you're just considering your options, you can profit from our expertise. Contact us here for a confidential chat to see if we can help you.

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