What is Modern Estate Planning?

Understanding Modern Estate Planning for Modern Families

Finally Sorted is the estate planning division of Sapience Financial specialising.

For most of our risk insurance clients, getting their Estate Planning sorted is a natural next step so they can then cross-reference those important details into their estate plan documents too.

Video Transcript

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Driving a car is probably a big part of your life right?

It doesn't take long before we've all seen a few close calls, or maybe even an accident. 

Nobody plans to be in an accident they're just a part of modern life in cars, so keeping our family as safe as possible on the roads is important to all of us.

Thankfully, today's cars have a range of safety features installed.  Modern cars even have multiple airbags ready to protect its occupants in case of a serious accident.

Now while you might not see them, knowing they're there in case of emergency, helps you feel safe, so you're free to enjoy the drive.

Well, just like safe driving, in our personal lives we all have to plan ahead to prevent problems.

These days modern life brings new problems that usually can only be solved with modern day solutions.

Modern Estate Planning is like the safety bags in your car, but for your life.

And that's the big idea behind the professional service from FinallySorted.com.au

Let's meet Dave, who's about to become a first-time father and occasional carer for his aging parents.  Even though he's from a big blended family, it always seems he's the one people turn to when there's a problem that needs fixing or an argument that needs solving.

Today Dave is planning a trip to Europe, before settling down with this partner and a new mortgage here at home.

But he's often wondered who should look after things while he's away and he's concerned about what would happen if he ever got sick or seriously hurt while overseas.

Who should make important decisions on his behalf here at home and if something serious did happen, he doesn't want his partner to be left to try and sort out family conflicts or be the mediator between his siblings.

It all seemed too hard to sort out really, and not knowing where to find the answers was actually one of the main reasons why he'd put off traveling overseas for so long.

Then a friend told him about finallysorted.com.au and their modern estate planning service.

They make sure all the right legal documents are in place understood (and stored safely ready ahead of time) in case of a family emergency. 

That way if something serious did happen, Dave and his family can be protected from being unprepared for life's accidents.

As it turned out, Dave has a great time in Europe (even though his mother broke her arm and needed hospitalization) while he was gone.

Thankfully Dave's estate plan was already in place and took care of the important decisions for him.

Mom's doing fine now and can't wait to see all his holiday photos (and ask Dave about the new neck tattoo that he's been hiding ever since he got back).  Finally.sorted.com.au made it easy for Dave to cut through the confusion of modern life, and their 10 step framework helped him focus on what matters most

Instead of leaving life's most important decisions to chance, Dave now has a modern estate plan and he likes to call 'his ultimate plan B'.

It includes:

  • his legal choices about who should make decisions for him, if needed
  • who should be guardians for the kids, just in case, and
  • even a way to protect their inheritance from changing relationships

Whether you need to protect your family, provide your kids greater certainty and confidence or perhaps people rely upon you and you just want to do the right thing, when it comes to the most important decisions in life, get it clear get it legal and get it sorted so you can get on with your journey and feel confident to live a bigger life.

You can learn more about the ultimate plan B at finallysortedcom.au Take a fun online explainer course, learn something new and then call them and ask for your ultimate plan B

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