31 Good Money Habits to Model for your Kids eGuide

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You're never too old to learn some new money skills and share them with the ones you love

  • This fresh helpful Sapience resource covers the key essentials to help you manage your money, compare your bills and make sure you know why those important things affect your ability to get ahead.

Each day links to relevant blog articles, downloadable resources and the occasional helpful checklist.

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Badass Budgeting Spreadsheet

Download a free excel template

Learning to budget like a badass can be made simple when you have the right tools.

Here's a downloadable excel spreadsheet using the 50-30-20 percentage based budget system that many clients rave about.

  • If you need to get more control over your spending plans (yep that's what we call a budget here) you'll need to learn how to budget like a badass.

If you'd like a Google Sheets version of the spreadsheet, click here and save a copy to your own Google Docs account.

If you haven't read our article Budget Like a Badass, click here to read it.

Budget like a Badass Infographic

Free InfographicHow to Budget Like a Badass

You're never going to create wealth until you can learn to better budget your money.

The power's in the percentage and not just the amounts of money involved.

  • So if you're up to learn a new financial skill, why not download our six step process infographic. 
Make sure you've read our blog article Budget Like a Badass.

Family Tree Worksheet

A family tree for everyoneA Family Tree for everyone

Because Love Makes a Family.

The majority of financial decisions involve our relationships, our family, (biological or logical) friends and people we protect and provide for.

  • Making better decisions starts with being able to see our personal situation and circumstances more clearly and the people who form the most important part of our circle.

Whether you're thinking about life insurance, deciding upon beneficiaries for your superannuation, getting your emergency support and estate planning documents sorted, use our gender neutral family tree to help map out your bigger picture, your connections and those you protect and provide for.

This is an interactive PDF so you can fill it in online and save a copy to print out.

Federal Budget 2018-19 Quick Summary

On Tuesday 8 May 2018, the Treasurer, Scott Morrison, released the Government’s 2018-19 Budget.

This year’s Budget has an emphasis on retirement planning and contains several important considerations which may affect both retirees and pre-retirees, explored further below.

  • It’s important to note that at this point in time, these proposed measures are not yet law and may be subject to change.

31 Families lose a parent every day

A very special Sapience eGuide

Examining the statistical realities the death of a parent has on a child, and what you can do to reduce the risks.

A helpful guide on How Families Can Plan for the Unexpected

We believe by having realistic conversations and planning for the unexpected, Australian parents can have greater certainty about the future security of their family. The good news is there are practical positive steps we can all take to be better prepared for the unexpected.

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Sample business records - Keyperson insurance for revenue purpose

Key business decisions need to be documented

Key person protection and insurance strategies have different tax treatment depending on a number of factors including the intent of the insurance cover

Tax Tip

If you have Key person insurance in place but haven't properly documented the reason for the cover, you may not get favourable tax treatment on its premiums or its payout.

If your current risk adviser hasn't carefully explained this, maybe you need to be working with an adviser like Sapience who helps you manage these important details better.

Business Capacity Statement template

Download a free word template

Supply chain risk is a known manageable business risk. Your capacity statement helps demonstrate you're appropriately managing that risk.

When you're dealing with larger companies or engaging with Government contracts, supply chain risk is at the front of their considerations.

  • Nobody wants to commit long term funds and contacts to a business that cannot demonstrate they’ve taken a commercial approach to the predictable risks and requirements of a good business.


A Capacity Statement is a recognised term for a formal document that communicates your business's capacity to deliver on your offering and provide greater comfort as you have considered and have the capacity to manage the natural business interruptions.

These can include loss of key people and expertise and loss of business partners and owners due to death or disability.

Download and modify this free template to suit your needs.

HNY 2017 Smallville Contributor Blogs

Happy New 20172017 Smallville Summer Reading

Here's a collection of short blog articles for small business from the Smallville Business Community to help kickstart your thinking.

A great collection of helpful quick read fast result articles from premium small business owners, leaders and advisors.

The Ultimate Plan B - 7 Myths about Modern Estate Planning eGuide

Estate planning is about protecting you and your loved ones today, tomorrow and later on.

Our free Australian Consumer Guide to 7 Myths About Modern Estate Planning will help you prepare for a meeting with our Senior Estate Adviser (or just give you some powerful insights to share at your next BBQ with friends).

about How Modern Estate Planning can keep you and your family safe.

Business People Protection Information Guide

Most Australian small to medium businesses are family run.

Business Partnerships are usually run by friends and colleagues that have very specific risks that need safeguarding — so the business risks don't become family risks.

Our Business People Protection Guide acknowledges the additional risk protection needs of a small business and the family that support it.

We believe protecting your business is an important part of protecting your family.

Discussion starter worksheet: Transferring or Retaining risks

Here's one of our popular discussion worksheets

We all have risks in life and business to manage. The big ones, are best transferred away from your family and to an insurance company to carry for you.

Young families and small businesses are often their most vulnerable in the early years and need additional protection and support until they have sufficient assets and emergency savings behind them.

  • Families need protection from mortgage debts
  • Individuals need to protect their income from sickness, injuries and disabilities
  • Business owners and Shareholders need protection from business trading debts, fixed contracts and overhead expenses and loans from funders.

Growing businesses have risks that grow with them like, managing lumpy cashflow while still paying staff wages, using family homes as bank security for business debts and relying upon key individuals in the business who if sick or injured and unable to work, would cause the business to stall while they recovered or until a replacement was found.

This worksheet is a conversation starter about how to begin your thinking about these important issues before speaking with your Sapience financial adviser.

Sapience Lego Ute instruction sheet

Having problems with your Sapience Lego Ute build (and don't want to ask the kids for help again)

Relax - Download the Sapience Lego car instructions or watch the 10-second video below.

page of your creation.

Introducing Sapience Financial and Investment Services

If you find financial decisions difficult to make, perhaps you've been talking with too many people.

We've been working with Australian Small Business owners and families for over 18 years and believe that we all benefit from a Clearer Look at The Bigger Picture.

Our web friendly brochure is a great way to start to get to know us and whether we're you're kind of people.

Discussion starter worksheet: Developing a commercialised product

Here's one of our client discussion worksheets

Small businesses usually develop products and services that solve the meaningful problems of their market. As we move further into the digital age the productisation of services is becoming an increasingly interesting frontline. If you're in this business space you may find this conversation starter helpful.

This worksheet is a conversation starter about how to begin your thinking about this process.

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