We're a B Corp

Sapience Financial and Investment Services is a Certified B Corp. and joined the international movement to use business as a deliberate force for good in the community Sapience Financial and Investment Services is a Certified B Corp. and joined the international movement to use business as a deliberate force for good in the community

Making a difference in the world is a concept that many people aspire to but knowing just how to go about doing that on a day by day basis is ... well, where do you start?

And it’s not surprising; our lives are busy and getting through a day of business and family responsibilities can often be all the challenge we have time for that week.

What we do

Sapience is a premium financial services brand specialising in providing meaningful financial advice, strategy and products.

  • We’re a purpose driven enterprise with a passion for helping other purpose driven small business owners, partnerships and the families that support them.
  • Many of our clients simply do not want to deal with big box financial institutions full of conflicts of interest, who appear to have little overall stakeholder involvement and who are smugly remote from the realities of small business owners and their families.

By using our services, you help us provide micro-finance services to the entrepreneurial extreme poor and family run businesses in developing countries. By working with us longer term, you help train and sustain local healthcare workers serving the needs of remote communities in India.

And we don’t charge you more to be purposeful and ethical in your financial advice choices.

We are inherently responsible.

What we Believe

B Corp Logo

We believe your decisions about allocating your time, energy, talents and money ultimately shape your life strategy.

Put it another way we are defined by the brands we use, the goods we buy and the decisions we make.

Choosing to buy Fair Trade Coffee over the other option is one example of how what people value can determine what they purchase. Choosing to work with a for-profit and for-purposebusinesss like ourselves is another.  This is why:

We’re a Certified B Corp

In 2016 Sapience became a Certified B Corporation #124 (Australia). B Corps are a new type of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

B Corp Certification is to business what LEED Certification is for green buildings or what Fair Trade Certification is to coffee or chocolate.

How the B Corp Certification is different

A key difference with B Corps is that certification evaluates an entire company (eg. worker engagement, community involvement, environmental footprint and governance structure) rather than looking at just one aspect of a company (eg. a building or product).

This big-picture evaluation is important because it helps people distinguish between good companies and just good marketing.


Guiding Principles

B Corp businesses hold four key beliefs

  1. All business ought to be conducted as if people and place mattered.
  2. We must be the change we seek in the world.
  3. Through their products, practices and profits, businesses should aspire to do no harm and benefit all.
  4. To do so requires we act with the understanding that we are each dependent upon another and thus responsible for each other and future generations.

Who else is B Corp Certified?

Today there are over 2000 Certified B Corps worldwide, across 130 different industries in 50 countries around the world.

Some brands you may know like Ben and Jerrys, Patagonia, Etsy, Whole Kids, Honest to Goodness and then there’s the new brands we’re sure you’d like to get to know to like Sapience Financial and Investment

What’s involved in becoming certified?

Certification is overseen by the non-profit B Lab and evaluates how our practices impact our staff, our community, the environment, our customers and our governance.

The assessment took approximately 6 months to complete and involved a detailed evaluation and benchmarking of all our systems, practices and supply chain management standards. B Lab Certifications is renewed biannually.

Why did we become a B Corp?

While today’s conscious consumer movement is clearly rewarding values-based businesses, there’s a very big catch:

  • Consumers are not accepting brands’ social and environmental claims at face value and are inherently suspicious of the corporate green-wash approach.

This means that companies must take steps to convince consumers that they can authentically demonstrate their commitment to social and environmental impact to build consumer trust and business value.

You can't be a leader if people can't see you standing up Drew Browne, Sapience Financial & Investment

How does this relate to financial services?

In the developing world access to financial services is sporadic and a recognised key to being able to reach the first rung of the development ladder.

In western countries, our financial services system is becoming increasingly complex and navigating the system, when combined with the government's increasing push for its citizens to be increasingly self-reliant in their senior years and self-educated about these opportunities, this increasing complexity often leaves many people underserved and behind.

  • We believe that understanding how to use financial services to protect and provide for your family and/or your business is a key to stability and success today.
  • Financial advice and financial products are a necessary ingredient in family and business life.

Live better with Sapience

Choosing Sapience as your financial adviser and financial services supplier means you’re accessing a significant level of expertise, insights and capacity. You'll also be supporting a business making a measurable difference in the community. Just by making a conscious choice our clients get to participate in something bigger and to be part of the change we all want to see in the world.

Today our B Corp certification is the next logical step in taking a clear leadership position to amplify our message encouraging others small business to consider using their business as a force for good in the world and Be the Change we seek.

B Corps in the media

  • "B Corporations are a way to transcend the contradictions between the ineffective parts of the social sector and myopic capitalism" — New York Times
  • "B Corps are the rock stars of the new economy" — Inc.com
  • "The highest standard for socially responsible businesses" — Inc.com
  • “You ought to look at these B Corporations, ... We’ve got to get back to a society that doesn’t give one class of stakeholders an inordinate advantage over others.” — Bill Clinton, former president of the United States

Where to now?

Sapience supports the UN Global Goals 2030

To help us become more targeted in our approach we've chosen to support the UN Global Goals 2030 and in particular Global Goals 1 — No Poverty and Global Goals 10 — Reducing Inequalities.

Sapience supports the UN Global Goals 2030

We're committed to doing our part to making the greater community a better, safer, more inclusive and sustainable one.

  • We believe small business has a responsibility and an opportunity to do that in our local communities, where we live, and in the broader connected communities that we all contribute to.
  • Whether that’s through supporting those businesses, brands and suppliers who are leading in this space or by you simply making a more conscious choice about where you spend your money,

the power to B The Change we seek is returning to the Conscious Consumer.

How we're putting our words into actions?

  • Our support and philanthropy are deliberately distributed through implementation partners and NGOs who specialise in those areas and who’s philosophy and governance standards are in alignment with our own.
  • Locally we’ve developed a standalone online service through our brand unusualrisks.com.au supporting the risk insurance needs of underserved and often marginalised communities.
  • We support the Australian microfinance charity Opportunity International Australia. You can read more about them here.
  • Our professional focus and expertise is aligned with the UN Global Goals #1 No Poverty and #10 Reducing Inequalities

All our clients get to participate in making a difference simply by doing business with us or by becoming more involved so their families and business can help Be The Change We Seek.

If we sound like the type of financial advice professional you'd like to do business with Contact Us for a chat.

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