In 2019 new NSW Tenancy Laws supporting victims of domestic violence living in a rented property came into effect.

If you live in rented accommodation and have been affected by domestic and family violence, you need to know there are new Tenancy Laws to help protect the victims of domestic violence.

  • These new laws have implications for property managers, property renters and investment property owners alike.
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If you're looking to buy into a residential strata property, there are many new things to consider and learn.

Case Study

Terry was looking to buy a 2 bedroom home in Sydney and came to us to arrange the investment mortgage. As the property was 17 years old there had been some renovations completed inside the unit and some repairs were still being made to the common property.

As the property was selling at auction there were a number of things to consider, particularly because Terry was buying into an existing strata plan.

Here are some of the things we discussed.

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There’s no doubt good mental health and good financial health are much more interconnected than people like to admit.

The way people respond to financial stress is linked to their well-being.
Financial pressures create psychological distress, which affects peoples coping mechanisms such as their confidence, feeling in control of their life and self-esteem.

At Sapience Financial our team has always understood that peoples financial lives and mindsets are connected to their confidence levels and in turn to their good mental health.

Mental Good Health

Mental illness is now the leading cause of long-term sickness absences among Australian workers costing our Australian economy over $12 billion per year in lost productivity - Blackdog Institute Research

Relational Good Health

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There are some life skills we should all get to know before we need to use them.

One of those skills is knowing what you have to do as an Executor of a Will

Here are 12 Steps to help you better understand what to do when you're the Executor of someone's Will.

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8 Things couples can do to talk about money better

Practical ideas for happier conversations between savers and spenders.

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How do you begin talking about money with your partner (and avoid the shouting?)

The problem with money is it’s an important part of our life and can’t be ignored, and most people have been taught to ignore it - to the extent talking about money can be the source of serious relationship problems.

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Have you ever found yourself locked out of your car, perhaps your house or even your phone?

Some people find themselves locked out of their financial life due to sickness or injury when they can’t make decisions for themselves.

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Been told you're too old for a home loan?

Just wait, the perfect storm is approaching.

  • Australian's over 50 are being told they may be too old for a home loan, and

  • Skyrocketing property prices means more Australians are being forced to rent forever

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Get to know your New Credit Card laws.

New laws about credit card debts will be phased in from January 2019 and will have a long-lasting impact on your ability to refinance a loan, or even just apply for a mortgage.

There's a new problem in your pocket.

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Get to know your New Credit Score.

New Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR) has arrived (and it’s collecting a lot of new information about you and your financial behaviour.)

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