Vision disorders & blindness

Common causes of vision impairment and blindness are degenerative diseases such as:

  • Age-related macular degeneration: (AMD) a disease that affects the retina and a person's Central vision
  • Glaucoma: group of diseases in the optic nerve
  • Diabetic retinopathy:  complications of diabetes that affect the blood vessels of the retina
  • Cataract:  clouding of the lens resulting in a blurred image

Degenerative eye diseases are the leading cause of blindness among Australians 55+.

The risk of an individual experiencing vision impairment during their lifetime, as a result of a degenerative eye disease, is 36.3%. The chance that an individual will have permanent site loss or blindness during their lifetime is 18.2%

  • Trauma to the eye is the leading cause of blindness in one eye
  • Many eye injuries are sustained as a result of Sport or work, particularly among men of working age
  • The risk of depression in people with vision impairment is 3 times higher than in those without impairment 

vision disorder and blindness cost to care sapience financial

the cost of vision imparement and blindness cost to care sapience financial

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