A stroke happens when the blood supply to the brain is disrupted, this can happen because of blockages or bursts in the arteries.

Likelihood of stroke:

  • 1-6 chance from age 55 to 75 years for men.
  • 1-5 chance from age 55 to 75 years for women

What's the risk? the likelihood that a person will have a stroke is influenced by a number of risk factors.

The more risk factors a person has, The higher the risks.

  • High blood pressure – this is the most important risk factor for a stroke
  • High cholesterol – 6.1 million Australians have high cholesterol.
  • Irregular heartbeat – there are approximately 434,000 Australians with an irregular heartbeat.
  • Smoking and alcohol.
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity

Box in 2014 there were an estimated 96 strokes per day – Australian Institute of Health & Welfare May 2018 .

The general treatment for stroke is divided into three direct stages.

Stage 1 – Hospital hospitalisation – 10 to 14 days time required.
Stage 2 - Ongoing treatment in a ward – 14 days to 6 months time required.
Stage 3 – Discharge – stay in rehabilitation centre may be required depending upon the severity and personal progress

Once cleared to return home, often the person affected by stroke will require a carer on 24-hour Duty until the reality of coping has sunk in.

The impact on carers

  • 58% of primary cases of people with stroke and disability spend 40 hours or more per week in their caring role.
  • 21% report a decrease in their personal income due to their caring role.
  • 24% incure extra expenses due to their caring role.
  • 31% have difficulty meeting everyday costs.

stroke treatment cost to care sapience financial

stroke cost to care sapience financial

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