Why good connections matter

Getting ahead in today's modern financial world is becoming more about the 'information haves' and the 'information have nots' Getting ahead in today's modern financial world is becoming more about the 'information haves' and the 'information have nots'

In today's modern world of complexity, is often how connected you are to the right information that makes the biggest difference.

Who hasn't suffered information overload and felt overwhelmed by choice today?

As the market continues to pump out glossy advertising and perpetual introductory offers, is it any wonder that the more successful people are the ones who seek out some sort of professional relationship with a financial adviser—who can help filter out the confusion and curate the volume of information down to a more manageable and more personally relevant set of options.

At Sapience we see a large part of our job as turning complexities into simplicities. Now just because something can be made simple, doesn't mean its easy. People don't hire us to do dumb stuff.

Awards and recognition bring greater access to the right people

Sapience has celebrated 18+ years in the Australian financial services market, have been awarded and recognised as a key person of influence to the industry, you get to meet the right people.

We're continually looking to develop better ways to help our clients, friends and supporters navigate through the complex system that is financial, investing and life insurance products in Australia.

Whether that's:

  • working with the bigger picture to help clients see what's over the horizon
  • providing insights into hidden opportunities and avoidable mistakes, or
  • organising preferential treatment for expediting insurance claims

by continually advocating for our clients best interests; our experience proves connections matter.

An important issue that the average consumer never gets to know about

( If you like 'details' this next section is for you; otherwise, feel free to skip this paragraph)

Did you know that financial advisers are only allowed to make recommendations from an approved list of product suppliers?

  • The broader the approved product list the wider the range of available suppliers, but the more work is required to keep up with changes.
  • The broader the approved product list the more expensive an advisers the professional indemnity insurance costs become for the adviser's business.
  • Advisers who are employed by a bank or industry super fund are equally restricted (or heavily encouraged) to only selling their own brand of products (but we're sure their marketing department would try and disagree).

That's one of the main reasons why many advisors only work from a restricted approved products list.

Just so you know, the team at Sapience have an unrestricted insurance product list so our clients can be confident they have access to every solution on the market without restriction.

Why is this important to understand? You want the best don't you?

Watch our Consumer Insights video below by our senior adviser Drew Browne explaining the importance of having a financial adviser who has access to an open approved product list, and the ramifications of being stuck with an adviser who is restricted to a limited approved product list.

An interesting and unashamedly controversial look at one of the untalked about realities in financial advice - the key to knowing if your adviser is really able to give you the best financial advice.

If you'd like to know more about how to benefit from our connections and expertise, Contact us today here.  We'd love to chat with you.

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