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Life can be complicated without the instructions

It's no argument this hold true for our financial and investment life too

Lego building blocks have always been part of happy memories for so many of our clients (apart from stepping on a piece accidently late at night getting for a glass of water). Many people don't realise they initially were made of wood with the plastic extrusion versions only beginning in 1947.

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Are these Australia’s Coolest Business Cards?

Our new LEGO themed business cards have arrived at Sapience!

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Lego logo time lapse

There is power in playfulness …

Many of our clients remember fondly first playing with Lego bricks at a young age and perhaps accumulating more plastic blocks than would be considered healthy and might rival the typical Tupperware collections of old.

The same enjoyment is now making inroads into corporate thinking with programs such as LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®.

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