Discussion starter worksheet - Transferring or Retaining risks

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Here's one of our popular discussion worksheets

We all have risks in life and business to manage. The big ones, are best transferred away from your family and to an insurance company to carry for you.

Young families and small businesses are often their most vulnerable in the early years and need additional protection and support until they have sufficient assets and emergency savings behind them.

  • Families need protection from mortgage debts
  • Individuals need to protect their income from sickness, injuries and disabilities
  • Business owners and Shareholders need protection from business trading debts, fixed contracts and overhead expenses and loans from funders.


Growing businesses have risks that grow with them like, managing lumpy cashflow while still paying staff wages, using family homes as bank security for business debts and relying upon key individuals in the business who if sick or injured and unable to work, would cause the business to stall while they recovered or until a replacement was found.

This worksheet is a conversation starter about how to begin your thinking about these important issues before speaking with your Sapience financial adviser.

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