Making a more conscious choice about where you spend your money

Increasingly todays conscious consumer expects an increase in significance and meaning around an otherwise blunt commercial transaction... Increasingly todays conscious consumer expects an increase in significance and meaning around an otherwise blunt commercial transaction...

Making a more conscious choice about where you spend your money?

You're probably part of todays conscious consumer movement (and the brands they choose to love)

The new driving force changing the world is the Conscious Customer

There’s no argument that today we live in connected world of digital relationships and a growing awareness of just how interconnect the impact of our decisions and choices are upon others.

Today’s driving force is the Millennial Generation who comprise about a quarter of the world’s population and will shortly become the dominant consumer force. By 2020 they will make up 50% of the workforce.

  • They’re unmistakably one of the most diverse, technologically connected and well-educated group in history — and they have strong opinions about business authenticity, transparency and responsibility.
  • With every significant generational change, its disruption forces people to realign their identities and how they relate in the new world.

As the traditional predictable job-for-life with a corporation has come to an end, people have begun to look to communities and meaningful purpose to help provide that sense of connectedness and belonging we all seek.

We define ourselves by the brands we support and buy and those we refuse to

Increasingly todays conscious consumer expects an increase in significance and meaning around an otherwise blunt commercial transaction, and they’re definitely developing a feeling of growing autonomy. Todays consumer is also taking a more conscious approach to who gets their hard earnt money.

  • They're expressing themselves and their community beliefs through their purchases and support of brands that echo their new found sense of global community expression and belonging. These are the Conscious Consumers.
  • The same sense of expression is also a driving force in many new style businesses run by people who express themselves and their community beliefs through the types of business they build, the products and services they provide and the suppliers and supply chains they choose to work with. These are the Conscious Businesses (run by conscious consumers themselves) who have risen to serve the new consumers and who look for ways to give back and use their business as a force for good in the community.

Modern Day Leadership

You see it in the success of purpose-driven brands like Patagonia, Ben and Jerrys and The Body Shop. You see it in the rise of growers markets and interest in farm-direct-to-your-door delivery services that supply fresh seasonal food and a comforting connection back to the land. You see it in the rise of the conscious capitalism community and the rock stars of the new purpose economy – the B Corp. movement – both committed to using business as a force for good in the world today.

Purpose in a business is often the tiebreaker between a customer’s choice. In practical terms it reduces distractions and helps a customer decide if our brand, is worthy to become part of their brand. Drew Browne - Sapience

The Cause and Effect of Better Choices

In today’s connected world each of us can help change the world we live in by simply changing the way we consume. When it comes to getting your life insurances sorted, Sapience passes on a portion of the profits to our charity partner for distribution to entrepreneurial families and small businesses in developing countries.

  • Today when our customer simply renews their life insurance policy through Sapience Financial and Investment Services, they have helped poor families in a developing country have their own family life insurance premiums paid for another year.
  • Today when our when our business customer establishes insurance policies through Sapience, it helps burgeoning small businesses in developing countries have their crops insured and their livelihoods protected for another year,

This is all made possible at no cost to the client all because a conscious consumer in Australia has chosen to do business with a conscious Small Business using business as a force for good in the world.  Just by doing business with Sapience you get to participate in something bigger.

In our connected world of multiple choice, the customer remains King - and now they can make choices without marginalising people or the planet.

Drew Browne

Drew specialises in helping people protect and provide for what matters most in their lives. He's an award-winning writer, speaker, financial adviser and business strategy mentor.  His company Sapience Financial and Investment Services is a Certified B Corp committed to using business solutions for good in the community and a member of the international B1G1 Business for Good Giving Community.  Drew writes for successful Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs at Smallville, his blogs can be read on and in 2017 Drew was recognised in the Australian Westpac Businesses of Tomorrow national awards.

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Drew Browne

Sapience Founder & Director.
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