Free eGuide - 31 Good Money Habits to Model for your Kids

We're all a role model for somebody. We're all a role model for somebody.

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Financial life skills are always in high demand

We took 31 Key Financial lessons and brought them together in a free eGuide to help you become more life confident in just 31 days.

Financial Good Health

Being financially healthy isn’t about how wealthy you are or how much you earn. It’s about how healthy your finances are and your attitude towards them.

  • It’s about understanding where your money comes from and where it goes (and making sure you’re okay with that).
  • It’s about being able to survive a financial emergency, knowing how to save and invest wisely and knowing where to go for good advice (other than Google) when you’re ready.
  • It’s about knowing you can pay your bills as they fall due and still have extra to put aside each month while still enjoying your life.

When it comes to mastering our money habits, we all could become better, so why not download our latest helpful free eGuide 31 Good Money Habits to Model for your Children

Getting a better handle on your money habits will help you become more life confident.Drew Browne Director Sapience Financial

Our eGuide shows you how you can learn the basics of mastering your money by simply taking one small step each day for a month. Why not mark these off as you complete them or share them with your partner or a friend.

As you find one section particularly helpful, you can visit the online links to learn more, access free resources and feel free to share that with your social network too.

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Drew Browne

Drew specialises in helping people protect and provide for what matters most in their lives. He's an award-winning writer, speaker, financial adviser and charity brand ambassador for Opportunity International Australia.  Drew's company Sapience Financial and Investment Services is a Certified B Corp committed to using business solutions for good in the community. He writes for successful Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs at and in 2017 was recognised in the national Westpac Businesses of Tomorrow awards.

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