7 Crazy things some people believe about Life insurance

Remember 'The Viewfinder'? A fun way to escape reality for a while Remember 'The Viewfinder'? A fun way to escape reality for a while

Myth busting life insurance

Some of the strange things some people believe.

Most people wouldn't decide to insure half the value of their new car, so why do many Australians only have half the life insurance cover they need?

There are a number of reasons - people think they already have enough, they believe they don't need insurance or they think that its too expensive. But many of these reasons are more myth than reality.

Let's face the facts and debunk some myths.

The real issue is not that you can't afford it - the issue is that you don't think it can happen to you
Ironically, most Australians insure their homes and cars (even their smartphones) but less than a third insure their most valuable asset - their ability to actually earn an income. This causes unnecessary hardship for numerous Australians.

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