Real life stories

Here are some hand picked videos from the different Australian life insurance companies all with the same message - 'choice brings peace of mind'.

These short inspirational videos are high on personal insight and low on corporate branding

At the end of the day, the core message is that life happens to us all, to those we love and those who we are responsible for.  The good news is we all have choices about how to be ready for those times

Scotties story - 41 Fit and married with a daughter and a cancer diagnosis

In 2013, 14,962 new cases of bowel cancer were diagnosed in Australia. If it's detected early enough, treatment can cure bowel cancer and stop it coming back. Unfortunately, a complete cure isn't always possible.

"I was told I have bowel cancer and I said, I'm too busy - I've got meetings tomorrow."Scottie

Scotties story courtesy of TAL Australia YouTube channel

Caitlin's story - Watch her journey as she talks about the problem of getting sick

Caitlin’s story, like no other, highlights the fundamental purpose of the life insurance industry and the power of protection for families during times of need - this is how we make a difference.  Enabling Caitlin's mother to take considerable time off work, knowing bills will be paid and she can focus solely on the return to the wellness of her young child, is to do something that really matters.

"My mum was always there. She was there when I had to have proceedures ..."

Caitlins story courtesy of AIA Australia YouTube channel

Emmas story - The human face of underinsurance in Australia

Australia has an underinsurance problem. We overestimate our ability to cope in terrible situations and underestimate the amount of resources, money, time and support we'll need to survive, recover and rebuild.

"People think you grow old, then you die; but in reality that's not how it happens at all. People die early, tragically, quickly."Emma

Emma's story courtesy of Zurich Australia YouTube channel
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