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Hello, we're Sapience Financial and Investment Services, nice to 'online meet you' Hello, we're Sapience Financial and Investment Services, nice to 'online meet you'

So what does the name Sapience mean?

Sapience: adjective pronounced [sey-pee-uhnt] from the verb sapēre; meaning wisdom from unusual places

The word sapience is derived from the Latin sapientia, meaning 'wisdom'. Related to this word is the Latin verb sapere, meaning 'to taste, to be wise, to know'; the present participle of sapere forms part of Homo sapiens, the Latin binomial nomenclature created by the Swedish Botanist Carolus Linnaeus to describe the human species.

Originally he'd given humans the species name of diurnusem, meaning 'man of the day'. But he was later to decide that the dominating feature of humans was wisdom, hence the use of the name sapiens. He hoped his biological name would emphasise man's uniqueness and separation from the rest of the animal kingdom.

What's the inspiration for our logo?

Nyansapo KnotTraditional symbols of wisdom, expertise and ability (and its integration into everyday life) usually evoke thoughts about inter-generational experience, old age and 'been around the world' rather than the exacting expertise of a professional.

In looking for a way to identify both our professional ability and our unique abilities to create unique solutions, we found ourselves turning to the African cultures and their view of wisdom as a 'tradable resource and commodity' that elevated the holder above the average person.

  • The Nyansapo or wisdom knot is the traditional African symbol of wisdom, ingenuity, intelligence and patience.

This symbol conveys the idea that 'a wise person has the capacity to choose the best means to attain a goal'. Being wise implies broad knowledge, learning and experience and a developed niche expertise 'with an ability to ability to apply such faculties to practical ends'.

Over time, this knot design become known as the square knot and was later adopted by the word wide Scouting movement as the reef knot - one of their key symbols representing the 'be prepared for anything' approach to living. For the mathematically oriented reader, the mathematical version of the Reef Knot can be found here at Square knot (mathematics).

What's the Sapience Financial and Investment story?

Official logo of Sapience Financial and Investment ServicesThe exchanging of wisdom for value is not new but the way we do it today doesn't always connect to the ancient traditions of sharing knowledge and useful information for the betterment of the others.

Today Wikipedia and the ubiquitous Google Search algorithms may deliver information at your fingertips but like trying to drink from a firehose, the sheer volume of information often leads to more reasons to feel confused and 'paralysis through analysis'. Today people get trapped into inaction because the sheer complexity and volume of information surrounding them, their families and their business, creates overwhelm.

Many people today feel trapped into inaction because of the sheer complexity and volume of information surrounding them, their families and their business, simply creates overwhelm.

Have you ever felt information overload?

We believe that a professional is a person who recognises their limitations. A person who thinks they know everything is a dangerous person. We've on record for highlighting how average Australians are presented with a fragmented and overly difficult financial services regime to navigate.  

We repeatedly see, and studies prove, that Australians with a regular relationship with a financial adviser are more able to navigate the financial world around them and feel more confident, capable and supported in making the key decisions that affect their children, their families and even their small businesses future.

What's our answer?

  • Simple - when it comes to financial and investment questions, we turn complexities into simplicities.

How do we do this? We've developed a framework that helps connect where you are now to where you want to go and we call it Real world full picture financial advice®  We believe in it so much we trademarked it.

If you'd like to learn more about our guiding philosophy, you can read more about it in our Blog.

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