The Drive To Protect & Provide is Evolutionary

The Drive To Protect & Provide is Evolutionary

... and at Sapience Financial we're all about 'The How'

Life & Business Priorities Will Always Overlap

Life & Business Priorities Will Always Overlap

Business makes compassion work

Secure People Live Bigger Lives

Secure People Live Bigger Lives

Well-being comes from our control over our lives and money, and the confidence it brings, to explore the world and become a better version of ourselves

Freedom to Be You

Freedom to Be You

Financial freedom is different for everyone, but the feeling is the same

You're Always a Role Model for Someone

You're Always a Role Model for Someone

Amazing people don't just happen

Live Happy Work Happy

Live Happy Work Happy

In Life, Love & Business, do more of what makes you happy!

Create Purposeful Business

Create Purposeful Business

Life is too short not do something meaningful



Secure People
Live Bigger Lives

Nothing helps you boldly face the future like knowing you’re prepared
— and nothing feels as good as being secure.


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The biggest mistake small business owners make is this:

"We overestimate our ability to function well during times of immense emotional and professional stress, 
and we underestimate the amount of resources we’ll need to survive, recover and rebuild.”


[ About Us ]

Sapience is where Lived Experience meets Technical Expertise

We understand living through tough times.

With more than 20+ years experience in specialty personal risk management, we're the recognised Industry Leaders in Personal Risk Protection Advice for Modern Small Business Owners and their Families.

  • We support Small Business Owners and their Families to manage the major personal risks of life, love & business.
  • We believe life insurance allows us to protect and provide for ourselves & our families.
  • As a  technology-enabled financial advice business, we work seamlessly Australia-wide, across multiple time zones with busy clients.

The Sapience Financial group of specialty brands was born out of a personal understanding of what happens when a medical diagnosis stops you from working — you lose your health, then lose your job, then your career, and nearly lose your home — along with hope for a better tomorrow.

When you want to protect and provide for who's important to you, we can help you manage the hidden risks of facing an unpredictable tomorrow.

We call that 'Becoming More Life Confident'.

[ Our Services ]

What We Offer

Tailored Life Insurances Advice & Modern Estate Planning Services
for Small Business Owners, Partnerships & their Families
so they can protect themselves, from their business


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[ Our Focus ]

Types of Business We Work With

We Support Business Owners Like You

We're also a Small Business & can help you protect what you've worked so hard to achieve,
 so you can provide a more predictable future for you and your family

[ Business Services Include ]

Types of Business Life Insurance

If someone mentions life insurances for businesses, there's a reasonable chance they're referring to one of the following

Four Core Small Business Insurance Strategies

[ Our Stories ]

People We Work With

We Support People Like You

The one constant in modern life is change & people's needs can change with each new relationship


Types of People Life Insurance

When people talk about life insurance products, they're referring to one of the following classes of life insurances:


Children's Cover

A sick child is a whole family issue and can require a whole family response. Child Critical Illness insurance provides you with a one-off payment to help lighten the financial pressures of a sick child with a serious medical issue, allowing you to focus on your child and their recovery. Child Cover pays a lump sum if your child suffers from any of the medical conditions listed and defined in the policy.

Accident Only Cover

The Plan B for when you're not eligible for Plan A — becomes the next best thing to help reduce your risks. These types of specialist policies are designed to help people who, for a variety of reasons from complex medical history, recent medical procedures or family history of specific illness may not be eligible to qualify for comprehensive insurance cover, but who still have financial needs to protect and families to keep safe.

Speciality Cover

Business Owners and Employed Professionals realise the one-size-fits-all approach to life and business, never works for people living bigger lives. From difficult to manage pre-existing medical conditions, high risk occupations, or self employed occupations with very long hours who don't qualify for comprehensive insurance cover, a specialist risk advisor can create a hand-crafted strategy for your personal insurance cover needs, because one size never fits all.

[ Our Reach ]

Access every Life Insurance company in Australia

 You wouldn't go to a Doctor who never finished medical school, so why would you use a risk adviser
who doesn't have access to every life insurance company in Australia?

Want to learn more about Why This Matters?





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[ Our Blogs ]

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Personal Finance Blog

Every month we publish our own articles about practical financial issues
our clients, friends & supporters face, so they can become more Life Confident


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Modern Small Business Leadership Blog

Modern Business Leadership Blog

We publish our own articles about Modern Small Business Leadership to inspire
our clients, friends & supporters to grow better businesses.


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